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Dainty Choker Necklaces


Step into the world of elegance with our dainty choker necklaces, the perfect accessory that combines delicate charm with lasting quality. Designed to adorn your neck with a whisper of glamour, these necklaces are more than just a fashion statement; they are a commitment to enduring style.



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Snake Chain ChokerGold Herringbone
Rainbow Dainty ChokerRainbow Choker Dainty
BEST SELLER ON SALE Freshwater Pearl Choker PendantFreshwater Choker Pendant
Freshwater Pearl Choker 287 reviews Sale price59,99€ Regular price79,99€
Gold Rope ChainRope Chain Necklace
White beaded necklaceWhite dainty choker
White Beaded Choker 97 reviews Sale price41,99€
Link Choker NecklaceLink Chain in gold
Dainty ChokerDainty Choker
Dainty Choker 34 reviews Sale price39,99€
"Antigua" Choker"Antigua" Choker
"Antigua" Choker 49 reviews Sale price40,99€
Sold out Mini Freshwater Pearl ChokerMini Freshwater Pearl Choker
Baroque Pearl ChokerBaroque Pearl Necklace
Fine ChokerGold Snake Square Choker
Fine Choker 16 reviews Sale price39,99€
Gold Small Ball ChokerSilver Small Ball Choker
Classy ChainGold Classy Chain
"Isle" Classy Chain 24 reviews Sale price41,99€
Layered Choker Necklace"Ornos" Layered Choker Necklace
Figaro ChokerFigaro chain
Tropical ChokerGreen Choker
Tropical Choker 20 reviews Sale price43,99€
Double minimal chokerdainty double necklace
Double Beaded Choker 7 reviews Sale price46,99€
Colorful ChokerATOLEA Choker
Aloha Choker 19 reviews Sale price39,99€
Black beaded necklaceBlack beaded Choker
Black Beaded Choker 14 reviews Sale price39,99€
NEW Dainty Wave ChokerDainty Fine Choker
Wavy Choker 15 reviews Sale price38,99€
Gold Pearl ChokerGold Freshwater Pearl Choker
Chunky Herringbone ChokerChunky Herringbone Choker
Sold out Mini Links ChokerMini Links Choker
Mini Links Choker 9 reviews Sale price35,99€
Vintage ChokerGold Vintage Choker
Agape Choker 12 reviews Sale price47,99€
Orange beaded chokerSummer Beaded Choker
Box Dainty ChokerDainty Box Choker
Dainty Box Choker 7 reviews Sale price37,99€
Spring ChokerSunrise Choker
Sunrise Choker Sale price40,99€
Flat Minimal ChokerWatersafe Choker
Thin Choker Sale price38,99€
Green Choker WaterproofBeaded Choker
Green Beaded Choker 1 review Sale price41,99€
Pearl Gold ChokerReal Pearl Choker Waterproof
Pearl Power Choker 1 review Sale price44,99€
Choker Pool ProofWhite Choker
Thalassa Choker 1 review Sale price43,99€
Gold Hammered ChokerHammered Paperclip Choker
Hammered Choker 4 reviews Sale price47,99€
Sold out Cowrie necklaceCowrie Choker Necklace
white choker for beachwhite choker
Barbados Choker Sale price44,99€
Small diamond chokermoissanite choker
Sparkle Choker Sale price64,99€
Blue chokermykonos choker
Mykonos Choker Sale price41,99€
Beach pearl pendantIsland Vibes Choker
Sunseeker Choker Sale price58,99€