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Waterproof Anklets


Made in 18k gold plated steel & with genuine freshwater pearls, wear our waterproof Ocean-inspired anklets for years to come. The color won't fade away or tarnish! 


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Sold out 400K CUSTOMERS SALE Freshwater Pearls AnkletFreshwater Pearls Anklet
Freshwater Pearls Anklet 43 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price48,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Gold Herringbone Ankletwaterproof herringbone anklet
"Kauai" Herringbone Anklet 59 reviews Sale price31,99€ Regular price45,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Rope AnkletGold Rope Anklet
Calvi" Rope Chain Anklet 18 reviews Sale price31,99€ Regular price43,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Waterproof anklet"Amalfi" Figaro Anklet
"Amalfi" Figaro Anklet 28 reviews Sale price36,99€ Regular price42,99€
Gold waterproof ankletGold water resistant anklet
"Piana" Anklet 14 reviews Sale price36,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Mermaid Ankle BraceletMermaid Anklet
Mermaid Anklet 13 reviews Sale price29,99€ Regular price41,99€
Sold out 400K CUSTOMERS SALE Shark Tooth AnkletShark Tooth Ankle Bracelet
Shark Tooth Anklet 13 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price39,99€
Starfish AnkletMini Starfish Anklet
Mini Starfish Anklet 4 reviews Sale price31,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Water resistant ankletWater resistant Anklet
"Antigua" Anklet 16 reviews Sale price31,99€ Regular price42,99€
Gold Pearl AnkletPearly Anklet
Pearly Anklet 5 reviews Sale price39,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Pearls Anklet BraceletPearls Anklet
Fiji Anklet 23 reviews Sale price36,99€ Regular price52,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Silver Whale AnkletGold Whale Anklet
Whale Anklet 14 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price41,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Seahorse AnkletSeahorse Anklet
Seahorse Anklet 12 reviews Sale price31,99€ Regular price39,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Palm Tree AnkletPalm Tree Anklet
Palm Tree Anklet 10 reviews Sale price26,99€ Regular price37,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Sea Turtle AnkletGold Sea Turtle Anklet
Turtle Anklet 24 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price46,99€