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NOW READING: Meet The Top 8 Smallest Fish in The World

Smallest fishes living in the sea

Meet The Top 8 Smallest Fish in The World

More often than not, the world’s most giant fishes are talked about more than any other marine creature on the planet. However, when you talk about some of the biggest fishes in our ocean, you can’t help but also think about the smallest fish in the world. So today, we will take a different route and talk about the smallest fish in the world.

Some of these small fishes you might not even hear of, but for everyone’s wishes, we will be talking all about them in this article. So, if you want to learn and meet some new fresh faces, then be our guest. We will be listing down 8 of the smallest fishes in the world!

8 Smallest Fishes In The World

As of writing, here are eight of the world’s smallest fishes that are currently swimming through Earth’s different waters. They are in no particular order.

1. Paedocypris progenetica

The first on our list is the Paedocypris petrogenetic, the smallest fish known to man. It was first discovered living in the swamps of the Sumatran forest. For good measure, they are quite the tiniest, to say the least, measuring about 7.9millileters for mature males. 

This species is considered the smallest invertebrate species surpassing the minute frog of the New Guinean rain forests. One of their distinct appearances, aside from how small they are, is their see-through body that is like a translucent one and is a member of the carp family. They mainly thrive on acidic waters as close to pH3, which is quite intense than rainwater.

Smallest fishes in the sea

2. Stout Infantfish

The stout Infantfish, scientific name Schindleria brevipingui, might arguably be the smallest fish in the world as it is also the lightest fish ever recorded. Male Infantfish can grow as much as 7.5mm, while female infant fish can grow as much as 9mm. The stout infant fish has large concentrations around Australia's Great barrier reef and in the Osprey Reef near the coral sea.

Interesting smallest fishes in the ocean
Popular smallest fishes in the ocean

3. Dwarf Pygmy Goby

The Dwarf Pygmy Goby, commonly known as the Philippine Goby, measures around 9mm in maturity. Its scientific name is Pandaka pygmaea that is commonly found in mangrove areas and brackish waters. 

They are commonly found in Southeast Asia, and they have a distinct elongated but robust body with almost straight ventral and dorsal profiles. Unfortunately, they are considered extinct in the Philippine region as the areas where they live are constantly polluted, leaving their numbers to dwindle into extinction.

Cutest and smallest fishes in the ocean

4. Midget Dwarf Goby 

Another goby on the list is the Midget Dwarf Goby, scientific name Trimmatom nanus. It is a species of the marine goby family and is mainly found in the western Pacific Ocean and the Indian ocean. 

The midget dwarf goby measures around 10mm and has the distinct appearance of a bright reddish-orange hue to its body and bulbous eyes with fins that look like feathers. They were found during the early 1980s, despite it, a little is only known to them as they are quite elusive, and you guessed it right, small.

Smallest fishes in the world

5. Chili Rasbora

The chili rasbora, commonly known by its scientific name, Boraras brigittae are bright-red, extremely small fishes native to the swamps of South West Borneo in Indonesia. They are one of the most popular small fishes for aquariums due to their bright-red bodies that are quite intensely colored. Shiny red bodies with shiny black stripes that can grow as much as 19mm. They are mainly found in Borneo and are often called Mosquito Rasboras.

Amazing smallest fishes in the sea

6. Corfu Dwarf Goby

Another goby fish on our list, the Corfu dwarf goby or its scientific name, Knipowitschia goerneri, can grow as much as 22mm in maturity and have distinct features such as a tan or white tan in their bodies with brown speckles. Unfortunately, the only known time when this fish was found was on the island of Corfu in Greece; however, when divers thoroughly examined the body of water in 1991, there were no species of Corfu Dwarf Goby spotted. 

For several years, the species of Corfu dwarf goby fishes were believed to be extinct. Finally, after a few decades, there were 9 Corfu goby found living in the same lagoon. The Corfu dwarf goby is currently listed as data deficient by IUCN.

Smallest fishes in the world

7. Celestial Pearl Danio

The Danio margaritatus, commonly known as the celestial pearl danio, is quite popular among fish enthusiasts. Their vibrant deep blue colors combined with goldish white spots all over their body make them perfect aquarium fish. 

They are measured around 25mm in maturity and are commonly found in Myanmar, specifically the Nam Pawn and Nam Lang rivers in the Salween basin. They are often called the galaxy rasboras due to their appearance and bright colors.

Unique and smallest fishes in the ocean

8. Photocorynus spiniceps

The only fish on our list with no common name is the Photocorynus spiniceps. This type of fish is a species of deep-sea anglerfish where it thrives into the ocean's depths. This type of fish is considered the smallest fish in the world as it can grow as small as 6.2 millimeters when it reaches male adulthood, whereas female Photocorynus spiniceps can grow as much as 50mm.

Just like with other deep-sea anglerfishes, their infamous way of catching their prey is with their bioluminescent bulbs that trick their prey into coming to light and straight into their mouths. The male Photocorynus spiniceps are considered parasitic and latch themselves onto bigger females.

Smallest fishes living in the ocean


So, there you have it! The list of the 8 smallest fishes in the world and some interesting and awesome facts about them. As of 2021, these are your smallest fishes in the world. However, new species of small fishes are being discovered, and they may soon replace some of them on the list. But for now, enjoy and be amazed at how small these fishes can be.

As humans, we need to take care of these fishes, as they play a great role in the ocean. We can do so many things to preserve and keep them alive, in our own little ways. 

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Smallest fish in the ocean

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