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NOW READING: 8 Fishes Of The Deep Sea

Deep sea fishes

8 Fishes Of The Deep Sea

There is a lot that we don’t know about deep ocean fish. First, they are quite the struggle when studying one as our resources can’t sustain long dives in the deep sea. The second reason is how elusive these creatures are. Fortunately, there are still many species that were discovered and soon to be discovered in the deep sea.

If you have a curious mind and want to know some of the deep ocean fish, then lucky for you, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will be going through some of the fascinating deep-sea fishes you didn’t know even existed. Here are some of them!

8 Amazing And Interesting Fishes Of The Deep Sea 

Although numerous deep ocean fish are already discovered, below are some of the fascinating deep-sea fishes discovered.

1. Frilled Shark

Considered to be a ‘living fossil’ because it has retained some of its key features from its ancestors, the frilled shark is one of the few species that has maintained its features over thousands of years. The term living fossil can also be associated with other species with a few or close to no relatives who have survived.

Only found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, this prehistoric predator has quite the unique way of reproducing. This is because, in most species, embryos thrive through the placenta, whereas frilled sharks rely on yolk sacs for their embryos to thrive. As a result, female frilled sharks can only give birth if the calf can already live on its own.

Awesome deep sea fishes

2. Hagfish

Hagfish are one of the fewer species of deep-sea fishes that have 76 close relatives of their family. They can live up to 5,500 feet into the deep sea and primarily feed on marine carcasses by burrowing the dead sea creature and consuming them. As a result, they have an uncanny resemblance to eels. That’s why they are called slime eels because of the defense mechanism they use to ward off their predators.

Amazing deep sea fishes

3. Atlantic Wolffish

Considered one of the top predators of the deep sea, the Atlantic wolfish is quite an intimidating fish to look at. It is a deep ocean fish with many sharp, canine-like teeth that render its prey useless once they chomp onto it. It is one of the predatory fishes that is the same as sea urchins and large marine snails as they primarily feed on spiny invertebrates and hard-bodied invertebrates. However, despite their intimidating look, they are harmless to humans but don’t let it fool them as they can fight back if they are provoked. This species can be found in cold waters such as the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.  

Amusing fishes found deep in the ocean

4. Goblin Shark

As the name suggests, this shark has an uncanny resemblance to a goblin but with a shark body. The Goblin shark is a rare type of deep-sea dwelling creature with a distinct snout shape that is long, elongated, and flat, thus the name of a goblin shark. In addition, female goblin sharks are relatively bigger compared to males when they reach adulthood. With 50 teeth in its mouth, this type of deep-sea shark is terrifying to look at.

Different deep sea fishes

5. Anglerfish

One of the most terrifying yet iconic fish of the sea, the Anglerfish. The anglerfish is also arguably one of the ugliest sea creatures in the deep sea. His infamous bioluminescent growth in its head, which helps capture its prey, is also one of the deadliest ways of capturing food. 

Shockingly, there are more than 200 species of anglerfish across the Earth’s waters and can be divided into four subgroups, the batfish, goosefish, deep-sea angler, and the frogfish. However, the female anglerfish only possess the iconic bioluminescent light on top of its head.

Deep sea fishes
Fishes deep in the ocean

6. Grenadiers

Grenadiers are mainly found in warm temperate waters all across the deep sea ocean. They are around 300 species of grenadiers and have the distinct appearance of having long tapered bodies with a rat-like tail as they are commonly known as rattails.

Fishes that are only found deep in the ocean

7. Fringe Head

The fringe head species is a native of the Northeastern Pacific waters and is a type of ruby blenny, a type of fish that burrows itself into burrow-like structures once created by other marine creatures. This type of deep ocean fish species primarily feeds on squid eggs, but scientists believe otherwise as the mouth of the fringe head may impede their ability to feed.

Deep ocean fishes

8. Blobfish

Considered to be the ugliest looking animal here on Earth, the Blobfish is a deep-sea marine creature that belongs to the family of the fathead sculpin family. The sculpin family is a family that is mainly found in Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific waters and depths that can reach as deep as 9,000 feet and as shallow as 330 feet. 

While almost all fish rely on their swim bladder to be buoyant at sea, the blobfish, on the other hand, is denser than the water and relies on the ocean to stay afloat.

Fishes deep in the ocean


There you have it! These are some of the fascinating deep ocean fish you can find deep into the sea. Some of them are quite extraordinary in their appearance, and that is primarily because they thrive in deep-sea waters wherein light is not abundant as it were in the shallow regions.

There are still thousands of deep-sea creatures out there, but this list is sure to keep you amazed at how diverse the ocean is!

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Fishes living deep in the sea

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