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NOW READING: Fun Facts About Dolphins

Amazing dolphin fun facts

Fun Facts About Dolphins

We all know dolphins for their friendliness. They are mammals living in seawater, oceans, and rivers too. They are found across the world, and they are known to be the close relatives of whales. That said, there are about 40 dolphin species, and there are fun facts about dolphins that are yet to be discovered. 

So in today’s blog, you will know interesting and fun facts about dolphins that will make you become fascinated by them. Knowing these will make you realize how cool these beautiful creatures can be. It would be an honor to meet them one day for sure. 

Facts About Dolphins

There are plenty of things that are more exhilarating than just spotting a dolphin glide and swimming through the waves when you’re riding a shape or a boat. It gets even better when you’re getting close to them and see them clearly like they’re near you. So here are the facts you should know about them. 

Dolphins Have 2 Stomachs

Did you know that dolphins have two stomachs? One stomach is used to store food, and the other is used for digestion. 

They Have Poor Sense of Smell 

Unlike sharks, dolphins have a very poor sense of smell. However, what’s more, fun is that, despite having a poor sense of smell, their other senses can make up for it. 

Dolphin amazing fun facts

Dolphins Like to Blow Bubbles 

When dolphins hunt, they always produce bubbles to herd their target or prey. In addition, they use bubbles as a hunting technique that experts call ‘fish whacking. This is when they’re close to hitting a fish and stunning them, making it easier to catch their prey. 

Dolphins are Chatty

Dolphins have this interesting acoustic ability in the animal kingdom. They can make a variety of sounds, including clicks, whistles, squeaks, squawks, groans, barks, and even yelps. 

Dolphins are Intelligent 

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the species, along with humans and apes, capable of recognizing themselves in front of a mirror. This is also considered ‘reflective’ intelligence and shows that dolphins are among the few animals that were documented using tools. For example, some dolphins fit marine sponges on their beaks and protect them from harmful and sharp rocks as they hunt for fish. 

Dolphin fun facts

They are Great Divers 

Dolphins can dive up to one thousand feet, which makes them great divers. Being creatures of the sea taught to dive up to 1,000 feet under the water. 

They can Help Other Sick and Injured Dolphins 

Since dolphins are intelligent creatures, they are often seen tending to other sick dolphins. In addition, they help those injured and old in their group, called ‘pod.’ 

Dolphins can Turn Off Half of their Brain 

Did you know that dolphins can sleep with only half of their brain working and alert at a time? So when they are asleep, only a part of their brain remains awake, and they keep one eye open. This will keep them safe from possible predators coming closer, and it enables them to breathe while they sleep. 

Furthermore, it is also believed that they usually do this to keep an eye on their other members. This is to ensure that they stick together and watch out for predators like sharks. 

Surprising fun facts about dolphins

Dolphins are Sweet and Friendly 

There are plenty of good reasons you shouldn’t be afraid of dolphins when they are near you. First, they are sweet and, most of all, very friendly to humans. You can even see them teasing and playing with other animals underwater. 

In addition, they don’t bite or harm anyone; in fact, you can hold them gently, just like what you see in dolphin-watching programs. 

Dolphins have Names

Dolphins give themselves names, and scientists have proved it. They use specific whistles individually for them to identify each other. Through this, they can recognize their names and the other dolphins’ names as well. 

Unique dolphin fun facts

They can Hear 10 Times Better than Humans 

Despite having a weak sense of smell, did you know that dolphins can hear a lot better than humans? This is because they have a sharp sense of hearing and are a lot broader than humans do. 

While humans have a hearing range from 20 Hz to twenty kHz, dolphins, on the other hand, have a hearing range of about 20Hz up to 150 kHz. This only goes to show that dolphins hear better than humans. 

Their Dorsal Fin is Unique 

Like our fingerprint, each dolphin’s dorsal fin is unique. There are no similar types, just fingerprints or snowflakes. Each dorsal fin comes in unique height, shape, notches, thickness, and even markings. And this unique dorsal fin would be easier to identify. 

Fun and interesting facts about dolphins

Dolphins have Delicate Skins 

Despite having delicate skins, a dolphin’s skin can still heal quickly. Yes, they get injured at even the slightest touch of a hard surface. But, due to their fast healing property, even the deepest and painful wounds can heal easily in just a short period. 

Dolphins are Fast Sprinters 

There are Bottlenose dolphins that are known to be slow swimmers. They can only travel about two mph. However, they can still swim at a rate of three to seven miles per hour. Some dolphins can exceed that level and reach speeds of twenty to thirty mph for shorter periods. 

Dolphins can Hold their Breath for Longer Periods 

Did you know that dolphins can actually hold their breath for long periods? This depends on the species, and they can hold it anywhere from twenty seconds to thirty minutes as being recorded. 

Fascinating dolphin fun facts

Their Eyes can Move Separately 

Lastly, another fun fact about dolphins is that they can move their eyes separately from each other. This is helpful for them, especially in observing what is around them. This would help to be aware that close danger is happening. 

Key Takeaway 

Dolphins are highly playful and funny animals. They play and fight with each other, which is fun for humans to witness. It’s fun to know that they are like us and with these fun facts about dolphins, you come to a realization that they are interesting. Dolphins have also been known to play with other animals like dogs, and that’s very cute to see. 

So as humans, we need to consider these precious and magnificent sea creatures as a gift. It’s rare to find giant fishes being so friendly with us. That said, we need to take care of them in our little ways. Perhaps we should start by taking care of the ocean or the sea because that’s where they live. When we start doing that, we can have an amazing world for dolphins and us and other sea creatures. 

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Awesome dolphin fun facts

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