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NOW READING: 12 Fun Facts About Fishes That May Surprise You

Awesome fun facts about fish

12 Fun Facts About Fishes That May Surprise You

Fish is considered a sentient creature. It means that just like humans, they have feelings and can experience both positive and negative emotions. They are being introduced in today’s society through the pet industry and the recreational fishing industry.

Many different species have adapted to different diverse aquatic environments such as rocky shores, rivers, streams and more. If you are fascinated by fish, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, you will learn fun facts about fish. We will help you understand their nature and why it’s best to have them. 

Surprising Facts About Fishes

Perhaps you are interested to know more about fishes and their nature. Here are fun facts about fish that may blow your mind. 

Fishes can interact socially 

They interact and form relationships with different fish species. Some fish act as “Cleaners” for larger fish. Cleaners benefit by eating small parasites off of the larger fish. It is somehow their food source, and the “Client”, Which is the bigger fish, benefits from it through a reduction in parasites.

Fishes can learn easily 

Fish can learn how to use tools. For example, some fish use rocks to open bivalves like clams, oysters and mussels for food. Fish will avoid situations that can cause them harm. They also seek out experiences with rewards.

Cool facts about fish

Fishes can change their colors

Fish can change color depending on environmental conditions and camouflage needs. It can change its color range all across the rainbow. Fishes can make sounds

Fish can grunt, moan, boom, croak, whistle, hiss, shriek, creak, and even wail, since they came from a variety of low-pitched sounds to send messages to each other. They only use some parts of their bodies to produce sounds and noises, and they move their muscles against their own swim bladder.

Fishes can reproduce

Fish has the ability to produce tens and even thousands of eggs. That said, this is just a small percentage (maybe 1 in ten thousand), and only a few can actually grow and make it to become mature. But it is enough to keep a respectable population. There are fishes that guard their offspring until they turn an inch or in size. Furthermore, the young ones are just left to get by for themselves. There are also other species that eat plankton until they become big. They even eat little minnows, aquatic insects, and even small fish.

Cool fish facts

Fishes migrate 

There are species of fish that can reproduce in freshwater. However, they spend most of their adult lives in the ocean. Such examples of migrating fishes are, anadromous fish, trout, salmon, sea lamprey, as well as  three-spine stickleback. 

Other types of fish are born in saltwater but they usually live in most parts of their mature being in freshwater, such as the eel for they are known also as catadromous fish. 

Species that migrate from marine to fresh waters must adapt to the environments; when they are in salt water, they always need to keep salt in their body to concentrate  on a lower level than the surrounding, and the other way round. A lot of species carry on with this issue by comparing different habitats from different stages of life. 

Fishes can group themselves up to build a crowd that contains millions of them

They form a sidelong line to always hold their places in the group. They use this lateral line as the row of pores moving along the sides of the fish from the head to tail. Their hairs are special in the pores and changes when they sense movements of the other fishes or different predators.

Fun facts about fish

The natures about Pufferfish

Pufferfish or sometimes called blowfish. This kind of fish is filled with spines. Whenever they feel like they’re threatened, they could blow up twice their size. Their spines stick out, that’s why they look like porcupines. The spines are not  the only part of them that is toxic; others may release poisons into their bodies if they die. 

Fish interesting fun facts

Fishes have large species 

When we come to think of large fishes, sometimes we think of species that live in saltwater. While it’s true that fishes from freshwater are given to be smaller, the lakes and rivers can still have giant species. The world we live in is full of immense freshwater fish. Some are as big as those giant wildlife swimming out in the sea. 

For instance, a Beluga Sturgeon is the biggest freshwater fish on record, it’s twenty-three feet, seven inches long, and weighs about 3,463 pounds. It’s not only listed as the largest freshwater fish in the world, and it’s the 3rd largest of the bony fish family. Beluga is known for their roe or eggs, and it’s usually sold as the beluga caviar, for which they’ve been afraid because it’s near to extinction.

Whale Sharks are real 

Whale Sharks are known to lay the largest eggs of any animal. A whale shark egg was found in the Gulf of Mexico in the 1950s, measuring 35.6cm.

Fish fun facts

Seahorses are slow

Seahorses are considered the slowest fish. It slowly swims that even a person can hardly tell that it is actually moving. Dwarf seahorses are a type of seahorse that is considered the slowest sea horse. It would take about an hour for it to move only 5 feet. It could even look like it’s just standing up and not swimming at all.

Awesome fish fun facts

Fishes can rest 

Most of the fish have motionless life. Just like humans, fishes can take some rest, which in our nature is “sleep”. Some fish hide in coral or mud, and others build nests for themselves. Yet, even when they sleep or resting, they remain alert.

Interesting facts about fish

Wrapping things up

Fish have always been an integral part of human life. They are considered unique creatures and comprise the largest and most diverse categories of invertebrates. Fishes live in the depths of water bodies across the earth, and they are very amazing creatures, fascinating animals. 

There are lots of species in the ocean that scientists have yet to discover. They have a lot of unique differences that we can enjoy. All we need to do is to maintain our oceans clean and be cautious in our actions to make sure we can enjoy their existence and know more about them.

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Fun facts about fish

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