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End Of Summer Sale

Waterproof Jewelry Offer


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ON SALE Gold Statement RingStatement ring
"Gaia" Statement Ring 30 reviews Sale price38,99€ Regular price44,99€
BEST SELLER ON SALE Stackable Ring SetDouble Stack Gold Ring
"Gemini" Stackable Rings 79 reviews Sale price43,99€ Regular price49,99€
LOW STOCK ON SALE Gold Layered NecklaceGold Layered Necklaces
"Ios" Layered Necklace 259 reviews Sale price46,99€ Regular price59,99€
ON SALE Onyx Ring"Kaya" Onyx Ring
"Kaya" Onyx Ring 26 reviews Sale price40,99€ Regular price46,99€
ON SALE Gold Pearls braceletFreshwater Pearl Bracelet
"Lovina" Freshwater Pearl Bracelet 38 reviews Sale price43,99€ Regular price49,99€
ON SALE Signet Diamond RingSignet Ring
"Luna" Signet Ring 7 reviews Sale price40,99€ Regular price44,99€
ON SALE Freshwater and gold chokerPearl Sun Necklace
"Naoussa" Necklace 39 reviews Sale price62,99€ Regular price72,99€
ON SALE Gold Waterproof ChokerWater Resistant Choker
"Piana" Necklace 47 reviews Sale price36,99€ Regular price43,99€
BEST SELLER ON SALE Jewelry Pearls ComboSummer Jewelry Bundle
Aloha Bundle 5 reviews Sale price78,99€ Regular price98,99€
NEW ON SALE Gold street ringamalfi ring
Amalfi Ring Sale price34,99€ Regular price41,99€
NEW ON SALE Bliss BundleBliss Bundle
Bliss Bundle 6 reviews Sale price66,99€ Regular price84,99€
ON SALE Bliss Bundle | Silver EditionBliss Bundle | Silver Edition
Bliss Bundle | Silver Edition 4 reviews Sale price65,99€ Regular price82,99€
TRENDING ON SALE Pearls Combo BundlePearls Earrings and Necklace Bundle
Cove Bundle 4 reviews Sale price69,99€ Regular price87,99€
NEW ON SALE Pearls Summer Jewelry SetBundle Waterproof Jewelry
Dolce Vita Bundle 4 reviews Sale price102,99€ Regular price128,99€
ON SALE Jewelry Set For SummerSummer Jewelry Set
Endless Summer Bundle 2 reviews Sale price67,99€ Regular price85,99€
Sold out ON SALE Essentials Bracelets BundleEssentials Bracelets Bundle
Essentials Bracelets Bundle 3 reviews Sale price85,99€ Regular price107,99€
BEST SELLER ON SALE Everyday JewelryEveryday Set
Everyday Bundle 7 reviews Sale price67,99€ Regular price85,99€
ON SALE Silver Jewelry BundleEveryday Bundle | Silver
Everyday Bundle | Silver Sale price65,99€ Regular price82,99€
NEW ON SALE Everyday Earrings Set (with Jewelry Box)Bundle Earrings Waterproof
Everyday Earrings Set (with Jewelry Box) 1 review Sale price90,99€ Regular price114€
ON SALE Figaro BundleFigaro Bundle
Figaro Bundle 2 reviews Sale price60,99€ Regular price76,99€
BEST SELLER ON SALE Freshwater Pearl Choker PendantFreshwater Choker Pendant
Freshwater Pearl Choker 290 reviews Sale price59,99€ Regular price79,99€
ON SALE Freshwater Pearls AnkletFreshwater Pearls Anklet
Freshwater Pearls Anklet 47 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price48,99€
ON SALE Freshwater Pearls BundlePearls Jewelry Set
Freshwater Pearls Bundle 3 reviews Sale price78,99€ Regular price98,99€
TRENDING ON SALE Jewelry SunSun Jewelry Combo
Golden Glow Bundle 8 reviews Sale price67,99€ Regular price84,99€
ON SALE Hammered Ring - ATOLEAHammered Ring
Hammered Ring 9 reviews Sale price30,99€ Regular price37,99€
ON SALE Heart EarringsGold Heart Earrings
Heart Earrings 22 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price38,99€
NEW ON SALE Bold Heart RingHeart Ring
Heart Signet Ring 5 reviews Sale price35,99€ Regular price44,99€
ON SALE Herringbone Jewelry BundleHerringbone Bundle
Herringbone Bundle 4 reviews Sale price60,99€ Regular price76,99€
ON SALE Shine BundleWaterproof Jewelry Bundle
High Shine Bundle 4 reviews Sale price68,99€ Regular price86,99€
ON SALE Silver Jewelry Bundle - Waterproof JewelrySilver Jewelry Bundle
High Shine Bundle | Silver Sale price68,99€ Regular price86,99€
ON SALE Initial NecklaceSilver Inital Necklace
Initial Necklace 69 reviews Sale price42,99€ Regular price49,99€
ON SALE Mini Pearl Huggie EarringsMini Pearl Huggies Earrings
Mini Pearl Huggies Earrings 47 reviews Sale price42,99€ Regular price48,99€
ON SALE Mini Pearls RingPearls Ring
Mini Pearls Ring 102 reviews Sale price34,99€ Regular price39,99€
ON SALE Mini Jewelry Box ATOLEAJewelry Box ATOLEA
Mini Velvet Jewelry Box 1 review Sale price14,99€ Regular price29,99€
ON SALE Mystery Necklace - ATOLEA
Mystery Necklace 52 reviews Sale price15,99€ Regular price39,99€
ON SALE Ocean RingOcean Wave Ring
Ocean Ring 28 reviews Sale price36,99€ Regular price42,99€
ON SALE Octopus Ring (5603982475432)Stainless Steel Octopus Ring (5603982475432)
Octopus Ring 396 reviews Sale price36,99€ Regular price49,99€
ON SALE Paperclip Jewelry BundlePaperclip Bundle
Paperclip Bundle 3 reviews Sale price60,99€ Regular price76,99€
NEW ON SALE stud pearlReal Pearl Stud Earrings
Pearl Stud Earrings Sale price38,99€ Regular price41,99€
ON SALE Pearls Jewelry SetPearls Jewelry Set
Pearls Ultimate Set 3 reviews Sale price104,99€ Regular price131,99€
Sold out ON SALE Rope chain bundleRope chain bunde
Rope Chain Bundle 2 reviews Sale price60,99€ Regular price76,99€
ON SALE Seahorse AnkletSeahorse Anklet
Seahorse Anklet 12 reviews Sale price31,99€ Regular price39,99€
Sold out ON SALE Shark Tooth AnkletShark Tooth Ankle Bracelet
Shark Tooth Anklet 13 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price39,99€
ON SALE Star Zircon NecklaceNorthstar Pendant
Starlight Necklace 44 reviews Sale price43,99€ Regular price55,99€