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Chunky Gold Ring

Discover the ultimate in style and durability with our chunky gold ring, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday look.


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400K CUSTOMERS SALE Waterproof bold ringGold Bold Ring
Bold Ring 17 reviews Sale price34,99€ Regular price42,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Double RingDouble Ring
Double Dare Ring 20 reviews Sale priceFrom 27,19€ Regular price33,99€
Sold out 400K CUSTOMERS SALE Gold Statement RingStatement Ring
"Gaia" Statement Ring 30 reviews Sale price38,99€ Regular price44,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Onyx Ring"Kaya" Onyx Ring
"Kaya" Onyx Ring 24 reviews Sale price40,99€ Regular price46,99€
Sold out 400K CUSTOMERS SALE Chunky RingWaterproof Ocean Rings
Chunky Ring 14 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price39,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Croissant RingStatement Ring
Croissant Ring 16 reviews Sale price29,99€ Regular price42,99€
Double Chunky RingBold Gold Ring
Double Chunky Ring 24 reviews Sale price39,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Signet Diamond RingSignet Ring
"Luna" Signet Ring 7 reviews Sale price38,99€ Regular price44,99€
Sold out 400K CUSTOMERS SALE Dome ringDome ring
Dome Ring 8 reviews Sale price28,99€ Regular price40,99€
400K CUSTOMERS SALE Waterproof Signet RingDainty Signet Ring
Dainty Signet Ring Sale price30,99€ Regular price42,99€