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NOW READING: Why Oceans Are Important?

Why Oceans Are Important?

Why Oceans Are Important?

The ocean is one of the key components of life. Despite thousands of discoveries, there are still thousands or even millions still unexplored. Our ocean is also home to a thousand species of animals, and without them, we don’t know if humans will thrive for generations to come. 

Why oceans are important? 

If we’re going to list down what makes this body of water so important, then it would take an eternity to show how they have become one of the most important things not only in our lives but also for animals. So, if you’re looking for answers as to why are oceans important, then we got you covered! Let’s dive deeper into why they have become a barometer of a great quality of life.

Importance of the ocean

Reasons Why Our Oceans Are Important 

As an ocean lover, perhaps you’re wondering why are oceans important. Here are some of the best reasons why. 

The Ocean Helps Us Breathe

Phytoplankton is tiny plants in the sea responsible for half of the air we breathe on Earth. They are more than capable of overwhelming the oxygen we breathe from the forests. However, both of them are essential not only for our survival but also for all animal species. It is also one of the reasons why are ocean is a key element to everyone’s survival. Without them, living can be quite stressful and hard. 

Phytoplankton – are like plants of the sea. They also have chlorophyll and use sunlight to perform photosynthesis and convert it to the energy that eventually produces oxygen, which is just a byproduct. Phytoplankton is also responsible for capturing 70% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Just imagine how life would be if we didn’t have our ocean to send it to the deepest parts of the sea. Relevance of ocean

Life In The Deeps

Our ocean is not just a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world. They are also home to thousands of marine life that humans also depend on it to live. When you travel around the world via ocean, you witness why our ocean has become an important aspect of life, and you get to see dolphins, birds, whales, and much marine life. Imagine what life would be without these creatures. It can be quite boring and unpleasant sailing without sea animals.

Each marine life in the ocean serves an important role in maintaining the overall quality of life, from maintaining the balance of various ecosystems to different species of whales capable of absorbing carbon dioxide emissions. There are plenty of reasons why animals are essential, and there’s more to life out in the depths than what you see above it. 60% of the world’s coastlines are inhabited, which means almost all will rely on a healthy ocean to provide food on the table.

Ocean's importance

Climate Regulation Is Key

Did you know that the ocean absorbs significant heat from the sun? Yup, you heard it from here! Almost 90% of the world’s global warming for the last 50 years has happened in the Earth’s ocean. The equator is where the heat is most intense, and the surface is where it is heated the most. Warm currents are dragged by sea to different parts of the world, the north and south. However, as it goes through the motions, some of its heat has already evaporated, making the water heavier and denser because of the high amounts of salt. As a result, those warm waters get to the bottom of the sea, regulating temperature.

In addition, some currents are responsible for an entire area’s climate. One good example is the Gulf Stream, and it is primarily responsible for taking warm water into the Gulf of Mexico and down to the Atlantic and the rest of Europe. When there’s a disruption happening around the Gulf Stream, then a catastrophe is bound to happen as it will be transporting cooler waters, providing a colder weather climate to entire Western Europe. 

How do ocean helps us?

Fish, fish, and more fish

If we’re going to account for what’s on the menu for the rest of the world, there would be fish for everybody. It is also one of the most important reasons we need to keep our ocean as healthy as possible. 16% of the entire world’s daily animal protein consumption is through fish. Of course, fish is just a part of it as there is also various marine life that humans consume, such as crabs, squid, and other edible creatures.

Some of the most important nutrients in seaweed are iodine, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Iodine deficiency is the most prevalent and most preventable among kids, which is one of the reasons for kids experiencing impaired cognitive development. Imagine how life would be for kids with iodine deficiencies if the ocean wasn’t abundant in seaweed. That’s just a fraction of what the ocean offers to everyone who experiences several illnesses. Advantages of ocean to us

Provides Work For Billions

The ocean does not only provide food for humans to eat but also provides work for millions of individuals. There are hundreds or even thousands of ocean-based industries, and most people rely on these to get paid and have their families fed, sent to school, and have a great quality of life. Maritime industries provide work for millions, and having an ocean without something to benefit from is not a good sign. 

In addition, the ocean economy is just as important as other industries that provide rapid growth to a nation’s economy. Almost 3 to 4 billion people rely upon the ocean as the source of their livelihood. Climate changes, pollution, and other factors that help contribute to the decline of the ocean put the maritime industry and other ocean-based industries at risk of losing millions or even billions of jobs in a heartbeat.What does ocean can offer to us?

Wrapping Things Up

There are still a million reasons why our oceans are important, and a day wouldn’t suffice as to how they have become one of the most important elements of life for a better quality of life and a sense of well-being. Let’s hope and pray that for generations to come, the organizations paving the way for our ocean to be taken care of and preserved will give us a better chance of survival for centuries. 

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