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NOW READING: What Do Fish Eat in the Ocean

What do fish eat in the ocean

What Do Fish Eat in the Ocean

Over hundreds of millions of fish in the ocean have a unique sense of adaptation that some of them have survived for millions of years. It is one of the reasons some prehistoric fishes are still alive today; adaptation and food are the main keys back in the day to have a greater chance of preserving your kind for generations to come.

If you're wondering what made them live long enough to reach the present time, chances are, you may also want to know what fish eat in the ocean, right? Unfortunately, listing down all of them may take forever. That's why we will be listing down some of the most popular prey in the ocean, as they are most likely at the bottom of the food chain, where they have become an abundant source of food to keep the food chain balanced.

Fishes as hunters

How Do Fishes Hunt for Foods

For over a hundred million years, the way fish hunt for food has been significantly different from one to the other. While there are some similarities, such as carnivores, some fishes tend to be different but have attuned senses in hunting and foraging for food. For example, most underwater fish have a keen sense of colors as most of their food is touched by sunlight, whereas deep-dwelling creatures rely on their eyesight to see food from low to no light at all at the bottom of the ocean.

Some fishes rely on sound and movements to detect their prey, and fishes that rely on a lateral line system, such as lampreys and hagfishes, use this system to see prey movements and the change in pressure within their surroundings. Some fishes rely on their chemoreceptors to know what their prey tastes like, as well as taste chemicals in each fish.

On the other hand, sharks, known as the ocean's apex predators, have a keen sense of smell as they can easily detect the scent of blood from miles away, helping them catch or see their prey and bite them unknowingly.

Almost all fishes rely on their sense to help capture their prey or forage for food. While some rely on stealth and speed, some rely on sounds and movements. Meanwhile, sea-dwelling creatures tend to be more scavengers because they will depend primarily on dead bodies of marine life falling onto the ocean floor.

How far fishes can go for food

Understanding What Do Fish Eat in the Ocean

As we've already laid out what makes fishes adept at foraging for food and hunting their prey, almost all types of fish in the ocean typically eat what they can provide for themselves. Therefore, some of them aren't picked as competition for food intensifies. Plus, most fishes are omnivores, meaning whatever is on the table, they are more than willing to eat it.

That being said, most of a fish's diet is made up of 50% protein, and the rest are fats and carbs. A great example of this is the parrotfish and damselfish. A parrotfish's main menu is small fishes along with the corals and corals, while damselfish thrives on algae which often eat corals. It is one of the best examples of extraordinary plant-based fish, as there are only entirely a few out in the ocean with a plant-based diet.

On the other hand, fishes such as sharks rely on their diet with the meat of their prey. As a result, they are highly carnivorous and will mostly eat anything they come into contact with. As a result, fish primarily eat what is most abundant in the ocean, and only a few are picky-eaters, such as a species of fish that mainly thrives on the scales of other fish.

Hungry fishes

Some Popular Fish in the Ocean and Their Favorite Food

It can be pretty difficult to list some of the most popular fish food in the ocean. That's why we will be listing down some of the more popular fishes and their food.

What's the Diet of Clownfish?

Ahh! Finding Nemo! The clownfish is one of the most recognizable fishes on the planet, thanks in large part to the famous Disney film Finding Nemo. A clownfish is an omnivore, consisting of a plant-base and a meat-base diet. Most of their diet consists of small fishes that are far smaller than theirs and eat sea plants and other zooplanktons.

Fishes hunting prey

What Do Sharks Eat? 

We've found the most exciting part as most people are often searching about what sharks eat. If you're wondering what is on their menu, chances are, it will all be listed as meat! They are called apex predators for this particular reason. However, their diet profoundly varies from the shark specie. Some other sharks prefer seals, walruses, and squids, and other species of sharks prefer crustaceans, octopuses, and fish. Others also prefer porpoises, mackerel, tuna, and even dolphins.

While they can pretty much eat whatever they like, different sharks have different food preferences regarding their prey. The best examples are tiger sharks and hammerheads; the former prefer turtles while the latter love rays. Simply put, it boils down to whatever they prefer. 

Blue sharks also prefer food such as squids and other mollusks. Whatever food they can eat, they can simply rip them to shreds with their rows of serrated teeth that can simply chomp away any type of meat with such crazy bite force.

What kind of food fishes eat

Wrapping Things Up

Regardless of what fish it is, they all have distinct diets, and each of them is unique on its own. In addition, some of the fish may be on a diet of other fish, and some don't. Still, as long as the food chain is balanced and each has their way of living and thriving on their own, problems won't soon arise.

Finally, some of the fishes in the ocean are vulnerable and endangered, and it is up to us to ensure the survival of their kinds for generations to come. Fish is an essential source of food for humans. Without them, life wouldn't be as easy as it is today.

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What do fishes eat everyday

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