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NOW READING: Whale Necklace - Why Should You Consider Wearing One?

Whale necklace meaning and symbolism

Whale Necklace - Why Should You Consider Wearing One?

Many people wear different necklaces, but if you're a beachgoer, you will find that many wear whale necklaces, and why is that? There are a lot of meanings and symbols about the whale, and we believe there's a reason why a person is wearing a certain type of necklace with a whale pendant on it.

What does the whale symbolize? What does it represent? If you want to know what are the reasons why wearing a whale necklace has a deeper meaning to it, worry not, as we will give you the details down below. Here are whale necklace meaning you should consider.

Come and check it out! 

Whale Necklace Meaning: What Does The Whale Symbolize? 

Whales are known for how big they are; however, it's not the only reason why whale pendants are becoming the norm these days, not only for beachgoers but for a normal person to wear. 

There are many things the whale symbolizes, and there are always reasons behind why an individual is wearing one. Maybe one wears a whale necklace because they resonate with a particular whale attribute, right? Check out some of the things a whale symbolizes below.


Whales are one of the largest creatures on the planet; even the smallest whale is considered humongous. Whales signify magnificence, and their magnificence extends not only to their size. 

The whale also possesses some inspiring traits that should resonate well with a person. One good example of a trait is whales are protective; like us, we are also protective of our family, friends, and relatives.

If you symbolize this particular trait of a whale, it would be a nice idea to choose a necklace with a whale pendant, right? When we wear a whale necklace, it simply reminds us that we are here on Earth not only for ourselves, but we also have others to protect, which is one of the reasons why a person is happy to wear a whale necklace. 

Whale necklace meaning and symbolism


The largest creature in the world is the Blue Whale, and they are also the loudest. Once a blue whale communicates with its blue whale counterparts, it can reach up to 188 decibels! That's loud enough to break a human's eardrum. 

However, let's not go deeper into that. Whales are known for their echolocation, and they use these high and low frequencies to know where they are located and to understand the environment they are currently in. 

If you have a whale spirit animal, this tells you the importance of communication. If you are not being told or communicated with by your family and friends, it might be a telltale sign that you are not communicating enough.

Likewise, whales send signals to let other whales know what they're up to or what they are doing, and this can be a sign that you should intercept these subtle messages to better yourself and receive them. More often than not, you are not getting what other people are trying to tell you. Having a whale necklace means being more communicative and receptive to people's actions.


One of the most intelligent orders of Animals is the Cetacea, which consists of Porpoises, Dolphins, and Whales. They possess one of the world's largest brains, which is not why a whale symbolizes intellect. 

In addition, they also demonstrate social behaviors, such as mourning the death of their calf or their other whale counterpart. They also communicate in a way to help them catch their prey. They always show their playful side, and with their long history living on the Earth and their intellectual capacity, not only do they symbolize intellect but wisdom as well.

If you have a whale spirit animal and want it as your pendant on your necklace, this reminds you to use your intellect and wisdom effectively. Even if you don't like you are the smartest in the room, let your mind do the visions for you. Living a life full of happiness, curiosity, wonder, learning, and love is well-lived. 


People with companion animals, such as dogs and cats, know that these animals show their gratitude in many ways. The same can be said for whales, who often show gratitude and exuberance whenever they spot a swimmer or a diver.

If you're lucky enough, they get to swim with you in the most majestic way possible. We have witnessed countless dives and swims, and humpback whales often show gratitude through their gliding along with the current and waves.

What this means when having a whale pendant on your neck is to show gratitude to everyone who has helped you, even in the smallest way possible. It also shows us to look back and see where we came from. 

Whale Shark Necklace


Lastly, another whale necklace meaning is protection. Whales are known to be protective of their young. Not only that, but they are also protective of their fellow whale counterparts. 

There are also several stories where whales fend off predators from humans who are swimming nearby. Their ability to protect their kind is well-documented, and having them as a pendant on your necklace reminds us that no matter the difference, we should look to each other for protection.

We can only do so much if we're alone. But if we're protected by one another, this is an immovable force that is impenetrable. So, if you have this certain attitude in your persona that you always look for others instead of yourself, then a whale pendant is a great way to remind you of who you are. 

Wrapping Things Up

So, now that you know whale necklace meaning,  you have to realize that these attributes, traits, and symbolisms are why they have become popular pendant designs for most pieces of jewelry.

A whale is not only a creature that has lived millions of years on this planet but can also be an inspiration for what we should be and become. Nevertheless, they have become a source of many positive things this life can offer, and I don't see any reasons why you shouldn't be wearing one. Besides, whales are gentle and big, just like their hearts! 

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