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NOW READING: Starfish Earrings: Why Should You Wear Them?

Starfish earrings

Starfish Earrings: Why Should You Wear Them?

Starfishes are these cute marine creatures that we always think about whenever we think of the beach besides seashells and other prevalent organisms. They have circular bodies with five-pointed parts growing out of them. 

Besides being cute, they are fascinating creatures. Because of their unique textures, appearances, and colors, people can’t help being intrigued. So, for the latter reason, starfishes were used as inspiration for jewelry making. Thus, resulting in lovely designs, whether they are minimalistic or grand.

A type of jewelry of this design inspiration is the starfish earrings. So, the question is, why should you wear them? Here are the reasons why you should be wearing them:

Signifies mental and spiritual renewal and regeneration

Since they have the unique ability to grow back their limbs, they became symbolic of this energy. Even though we humans do not have this capability, this symbolism makes us connect with the starfish. If you or a friend are undergoing renewal and regeneration, starfish earrings perfectly represent your energy.

Symbolizes Healing

Whenever the starfish is done growing its arm back, then it is already finished healing itself. To us human beings, you can relate this to a journey at some point in your life where you got hurt physically, emotionally, mentally, and now, are ready to move on. 

When the time comes that you are done healing, starfish earrings are great reminders that you have already passed that stage and are now ready to begin a new chapter and fresh start.

Cute starfish earrings

Embodies fertility, happiness, wealth, and peace and love

Isn’t it great that starfish-inspired jewelry denotes these positive aspects of life that we are aspiring to? If you or a friend are believers that wearing jewelry pieces with such symbols will attract the energy for this, you are right where you are. You can have starfish earrings as one without you heading or being overboard.

Aesthetically pleasing

If you are aiming to collect artistic items, then this can be a part of your collection. Starfish earrings are symmetrical and are great for catching the attention of people. They are also not typical earrings because each pair can be designed differently from other pairs. 

Then, when having this aesthetic item, wearing them is unique and creates satisfaction in us just by looking at the earrings.

You are in for teamwork and equality

Starfish charms and jewelry also mean equality and teamwork. Although it is difficult to connect this symbolism to the creature itself, it’s just easy to miss the thought. This is because starfishes need all of their arms in sync to move and feed. 

So, in real life, starfish earrings are great to be worn out as a way to indicate that you are in to be part of the team and do your part for it to prosper. They are even more significant as gifts to friends to signify and relay that you both are equals and are ready to be each other’s support system.


Beautiful starfish earrings

 It is a popular motif

Starfishes in recent years became a trend in jewelry designs, be it formal, fun, or just a simplistic one. Either of the three is fun to create. One of the reasons for their popularity is they are good at bringing out the glow of the wearer both inside and outside. 

Another one is that anyone can wear them at any age. Those younger can wear jewelry, especially starfish earrings in a more fun-detailed design, while those who are a bit older can choose to wear a simple or a more elaborate one paired with pearls or other gems or crystals.

They can be paired with other stones

Starfish earrings can also be paired with others to create more creative designs like what we mentioned above. When put together with another gem or crystals, good energy is being called upon to be more vital. 

By extension, if you believe that wearing or having the suitable crystals can help call upon a good omen, then yes, earrings paired with those rocks can be a bringer for you. 

They can remind you of the beach away from the beach

If you can’t be near the beach anytime you want, especially in the summer, don’t you think it’s good to wear something to remember the place? Yes, by wearing a piece of jewelry, especially the starfish earrings, then somehow, a part of the seaside is with you.

You can also wear this to up your summertime looks in general. These dainty earrings are stylish enough to be paired with anything in your closet as they are characteristically versatile. If you are worrying that this type of earrings is only for beachwear, don’t. You don’t need to go to the beach to wear a piece of it. So go on and have one!

A lot of these sellers offer it as a sustainable jewelry

With constant changes nowadays, people battle for the redemption and recovery of mother earth. There are causes left and right that aim to protect the planet from further harm and danger because of the advancing use of technologies in our lives.

So, in response to these environmental causes, many sellers and brands are now switching to sustainable pieces of jewelry to help save the planet and lessen wastes and the use of harmful chemicals involved in the making process. The pieces of jewelry are not just this good, but their packaging is also very eco-friendly. 


Starfish earrings are stunning and offer an excellent lot of reasons why people should be wearing them more and more. We hope that you have learned a lot of things about starfish earrings. If you are looking for enough reasons to join the bandwagon of the wearers, then we would like to think that we gave you enough reasons.

So dive into our ATOLEA Sea-inspired jewelry collection and complete your Ocean vibe outfit with our wide selections of elegant designs! 

Best starfish earrings

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