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NOW READING: 10 Best Seashell Gifts for Ocean Lovers

Seashell gifts for ocean lovers

10 Best Seashell Gifts for Ocean Lovers

The ocean is an essential part of our lives, and without it there is no life. Many people love spending their time by the ocean.

Spending quality time by the ocean has numerous benefits. The calmness of the ocean and the music of the waves can make you feel relaxed and help you lower your stress levels. 

The personality of ocean lovers is unique, and they love seashells. That is why today, we will discuss what are the things that you can give that will surely bring a smile to your ocean lovers’ friends, or family members' faces.

10 Best Seashell Gifts For Ocean Lovers

The 10 most popular Seashell gifts for Ocean lovers are specified below. 

Choker Shell Necklace

Choker Shell Necklace from ATOLEA is one of the best seashell gifts that you can give ocean lovers. Its elegant style makes it one of the best necklaces to wear at beach parties and events. 

The Choker Shell Necklace reminds you of the sea, and the precious marine life, which can enlighten your mood. Cowrie shells symbolize luck, fame and are said to strengthen a long-distance relationship.


  • Aesthetically pleasing – The Choker Shell Necklace is made entirely of handmade Cowrie Shells. It makes the choker shell necklace aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Pulsating colors – The Necklace comes in two exciting colors, black and white. It makes the Choker Shell Necklace stand out.
  • Economical – The Necklace is only 15.99 €, which is quite economical. 
    Seashell necklace

Seashell Anklet

Seashell Anklet is the perfect gift that you can give to your ocean lover lady friends. Seashell depicts life and commemoration, which makes it a beautiful gift. 


  • Adjustable – The Sea Shell Anklet from ATOLEA is adjustable. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the size of the person you are considering gifting the anklet. 
  • Eco-friendly packaging – The Sea Shell Necklace from ATOLEA is delivered in eco-friendly packaging, which benefits the environment. 
  • Looks cool – The Cowrie shells make the Seashell Anklet look cool and go with any outfit. 
seashell anklet

Scallop Shell Ring

The Scallop Shell Ring illustrates strength, determination, and fortitude. The shell is also believed to bring good fortune. The Scallop Shell Ring helps you focus on your goals and give off major beach vibes. 


  • 925 sterling silver – The Ring is made of 925 sterling silver, which makes the ring durable. 
  • 18k Gold Plated – The Ring is coated with 18k Gold Plating, which makes the ring hypnotic, and saves the Scallop Shell Ring from getting corroded.
  • Two colors – The Ring comes in 2 different colors, Gold and Silver. Both of these colors look mesmerizing and make you visible in the crowd.


scallop ring in gold

 Gold Shell Choker Necklace

Gold Shell Necklace is another great seashell gift that you can give ocean lovers. The Gold Shell Choker Necklace is spellbinding and is an attention grabber. 


  • Fits all – The Necklace is adjustable and can be adjusted to fit every person. 
  • Looks enthralling – The cowrie shells look beguiling. 
  • Inexpensive – The Necklace is only 20.99 €.
gold choker seashell necklace

best seashell jewelry gift ideasGold Cowrie Shell Necklace

This Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace is one of the most beautiful necklaces that you can give to your ocean lovers’ friends and family members. The single Cowrie Shell surrounded with 18k Gold Plating makes it unique and compelling. 


  • Non-reactive piece of Jewelry – The Necklace is made from 925 sterling silver. Hence, it is non-reactive. It is best for ocean lovers who are allergic to different types of metal necklaces. 
  • Versatile – You can wear it with any summer outfit. 
Cowrie Seashell necklace in gold

"Bali" White Shell Anklet

"BALI" WHITE SHELL ANKLET is an anklet that consists of pure white shells. The Necklace is perfect to wear at beach parties. 


  • 2-piece jewelry – The anklet is a double anklet and is 2-piece jewelry. 
  • Cost-effective – The anklet is only 22.99 €, which is cost-effective
  • One size fits all – The anklet can be adjusted according to the wearer. 

seashell ankletCowrie Earrings

Cowrie Earrings from ATOLEA is one of the best seashell gifts that you can give ocean lovers. The Earrings give off ocean and mermaid vibes. The Cowrie shell symbolizes strength and a strong connection with the ocean. Cowrie shells are also believed to bring good luck, fame, and prosperity.


  • Stainless steel – The earrings are of stainless steel. It makes them durable, easy to maintain, corrosion-free, and trendy. 
  • Pair – The earrings come in pair
  • Nifty – Perfect for every occasion
Gold Seashell Earrings

Gold Cowrie Necklace

The Gold Cowrie Necklace reminds you of the beach whenever you look at it. The Gold Cowrie Necklace represents positive energy and is believed to bring good possessions. 


  • 925 sterling steel – The Gold Cowrie necklace is made of 925 sterling steel, which is gold plated. It means it is a durable, corrosion-free, and hypoallergenic piece of jewelry. 
  • Easy to maintain – It is easy to maintain
  • Add a boho element to your outfit – Cowrie shell adds a boho-chic to your summer outfit.
Cowrie necklace in gold

 Silver Cowrie Necklace 

The Silver Cowrie Necklace reminds you of the ocean, Sun, and mesmerizing waves whenever you look at it. The Silver Cowrie Necklace characterizes optimistic behavior and is known to bring affluence and success.


  • 925 sterling steel – The Silver Cowrie Necklace is made of 925 sterling steel. It means it is sturdy and non-reactive. 
  • Easy to sustain – As this Necklace from ATOLEA is made of 925 sterling steel, it is easy to sustain
  • Add a boho component– Cowrie shell adds an elegant boho factor.
Cowrie Necklace in Silver

Seashell Ring

The Seashell Ring from ATOLEA characterizes unity, strength, and life. It reminds you of sandy beaches and the mesmerizing beauty of the vast and incredible ocean. It also depicts the strong connection between marine life. 


  • 2 in 1 ring – The ring is a 2 in 1 ring.
  • Sterling silver – The Seashell Ring from ATOLEA is made of sterling silver. It means it is lightweight and looks modern. 
  • Different sizes – The ring comes in 7 different sizes
  • Coated with 18k Gold Plate – The 18k gold plating makes the ring luxurious. 
Gold scallop ring

"Moorea" Layered Necklace

This Necklace from ATOLEA gives off summer days vibes and diverts your mind from current problems in your life. 


  • Made of Stainless steel – The necklace is of stainless steel, which makes it robust, easy to keep, and corrosion-free.
  • Fits all – The necklace is adjustable concerning different wrist sizes.
  • Looks enchanted – The layered factor provides a magical look to the necklace.
layered seashell necklace

Cowrie Shell Necklace

The Cowrie Shell Necklace reminds you of the beach and waves. The Cowrie Shell Necklace represents valor and lively energy. 


  • Corrosion-free – The Cowrie Shell Necklace is of 925 sterling steel. It means the Cowrie Shell Necklace is corrosion-free and does not irritate your skin. 
  • Adjustable and different colors – This necklace from ATOLEA is adjustable and comes in 2 different colors. Golden and Silver.
cowrie shell necklace



The above-specified are some of the best seashell gifts that you can give to ocean lovers.  You can choose any and they can make other people feel beautiful.

Dive into our large collection of Seashell-inspired jewelry, you are sure to find the perfect Seashell gift ! 

Seashell Gifts

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