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NOW READING: What Does the Ocean Symbolize?

What does ocean symbolizes

What Does the Ocean Symbolize?

The ocean is a big and mysterious body that has been present since the beginning of time. In our dreams, the ocean may represent a connection between the conscious and unconscious mind. It is an indication of peace and tranquility, especially when it’s about the calm ocean. 

While many have been discovered and documented regarding the ocean, this large body of water reminds us of a great mystery. Thus, it attracts myths and stories. Furthermore, some beliefs view the ocean as the source of all life forms. That’s why the ocean also symbolizes life. So, if the ocean has a special place in your heart, you will know different ocean symbolism in this blog. It will give you everything you want to know that you might not know before. 

Understanding the Ocean 

So, what exactly is the ocean? Before knowing the different ocean symbolism, you should know that the ocean is a vast body of saltwater that connects the Earth. It covers around 71% of its surface, so it’s truly massive. It is divided into 5 regions, the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean, formerly known as the Antarctic Ocean. 

It holds 97% of the world's water, and it moves in strong tidal waves and currents, making it influencing the temperature and weather of the Earth. Furthermore, the ocean’s depth is assessed to be around 12,200 feet. It’s home to almost 226,000 species, not including those species that are yet to be discovered. 

Meaning of ocean

Different Ocean Symbolism

Because of its massive size, mystery, and power, the world’s ocean gained so many symbolic meanings. To know more about ocean symbolism, read down below. 

Strength and Power 

The ocean is known to be the strongest form of nature. There’s something incredible and empowering about it, mainly because of its waves and strong currents. Or maybe this ocean symbolism is because of the ocean’s scary nature when it comes to the weather or because the sea does not want to be disturbed and influenced by humans. 

What does ocean symbolizes
What ocean means


Another ocean symbolism is about peace. In contrast, the ocean can be a source of peace, especially when it’s calm and tranquil. So many people find the ocean very peaceful, that’s why they always want to swim or just sit by the shorelines of the beach while watching the water dance to small waves and enjoy the sea breeze. 


While 80% of the ocean is not yet discovered and remains a mystery, it creates a mysterious feeling. The mystery is an ocean symbolism because it represents the remains and the unknown that holds its secrets. 

So, how far does the ocean extend? Or, what’s on the ocean’s other side? Those were just random questions most people living near the ocean would probably ask themselves. Furthermore, the other side of the mystery of the ocean is about the unexplored deeper parts. Who knows what is lurking around thousands of kilometers and meters below the surface? We would never know what creatures are under. 

What do ocean means and symbolize


Ever wonder why people who meditate and yogis prefer to perform their session next to the ocean? It’s because one of the ocean symbolisms is calmness. The waves of the ocean are perhaps one of the most calming things in this world. 


The ocean is known for its never-ending form that connects and covers the continents and most of Earth. Try swimming too far into an ocean, and you will experience that connection and the opportunity to discover your true self. 

Though there are times you think about something in abundance, we can connect it with phrases. For instance, we say these things like “the ocean of books,” – which could mean a thing aside from literal books. Likewise, we sometimes say, “the ocean of lies” – that’s when we know someone is lying to us. 


Another ocean symbolism is stability. After many years and centuries, the world’s oceans remained unchanged for centuries. So, it truly makes a strong stability symbol. 

Symbolism of the ocean


There is also hope for ocean symbolism. You may have wondered what’s on the other side of the ocean whenever you look at it from afar. You think there’s a better life waiting for you there. Thus, you are hoping for something good, something to look forward to. 

That’s why many are inspired by the ocean and hope for a better life. It brings something great with it one day. With this mindset, you would always believe that there is something great that will happen one day.


We often connect the ocean to something greater. We usually think of it as a figure that connects the world and crafts the future of human beings. The ocean is indeed a symbol of life and existence to some cultures and civilizations.

Perhaps we think of it as a symbol of life since it provides valuable resources and countless treasures and surprises. After all, the ocean and its life are believed to exist well right before land and life began—no wonder why life is among the ocean symbolism.


Aside from positive ocean symbolism, did you know that the ocean also symbolizes chaos? This is related to the powerful symbolism. Many would relate the ocean to chaos because of storms and even currents. Many would believe that as the ocean becomes angry, it is expected to leave chaos and destruction.

Human Emotions 

In many poems, the ocean and the sea are tied to human emotions. There are phrases like “sea of love” or describing someone as “drowning in pity.” Like mentioned earlier in this blog, the ocean is closely tied with anger and also calmness. It relates to a person’s attitude when they unleash their ‘ocean storm inside’ towards others when they get angry.

Key Takeaway 

While many things remain unknown about the ocean, it truly has a huge impact on the weather and the lives of others. Anyone can’t deny the tranquility and joy when you walk barefoot on sandy beaches and enjoy the sea breeze. 

Hopefully, all the ocean symbolisms mentioned in this blog have helped you give more importance to the ocean. And if you want to be always reminded of ocean symbolism, you may check our Atolea Jewelry for more Ocean-inspired jewelry.

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Interesting meaning of ocean

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