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NOW READING: Mermaid: Meaning and Symbolism

Mermaid meaning and symbolism

Mermaid: Meaning and Symbolism

Mermaids are adored creatures of the sea. They are featured prominently in legends worldwide. With their human upper body and a fishtail, it’s understandable that mermaid beings are mysterious and intriguing people. Because of this, many would like to know the true mermaid meaning and symbolism.

In this blog, you will know why these interesting beings have bewildered people for centuries already. And if you’re fascinated by mermaids and wish to own mermaid jewelry, you will know the true mermaid meaning and symbolism.

What is the Meaning of Mermaids? 

It’s always enchanting to know the mermaid's meaning and myths. Just imagine the rich voice of mermaids calling out to you. There may be many stories about mermaids, and most of them are about their enticing beauty and sensuality. That’s why many humans are curious about the mermaid's meaning and stories.

Because of this, we see how mermaids become a symbol of balancing the head and heart. Humans must think that it’s fine to dance with the magical tune, even in matters of lust and love. And they were female, the meaning of mermaids’ ties to the sacred feminine. But, like the sea goddesses like Calypso and Venus that can’t be tamed, their fierceness and individuality are well known.

With that in mind, they may resist settling down in any spot. That said, mermaid spirits would appear like they are linked to non-conformity and uniqueness. Mermaids are known to bring sea angels that usually appear at dusk and dawn. These moments are “in-between” when the gap between worlds becomes thin.

What does a mermaid means

Symbolism of Mermaids

Whether you’re a seafarer or someone who likes to collect mermaid stuff, perhaps you’re going to be interested in learning about mermaids. In this section, you will know and explore more about the mermaid meaning and symbolism of magnificent and magical mermaid creatures.

Individuality or Independence 

Like the wild and strong waters that make their homes, mermaids also refuse to be contained. Mermaid creatures are always longing for the freedom that the sea gives them. They are known to be independent as they can swim where it pleases them and whenever they want.

They crave independence and have that very strong personality. They persistently hold to their values and will never compromise when it comes to living their lives. This mermaid meaning is a trait that some humans have. Being independent and self-reliant is something that mermaids are known for.

What does a mermaid means


Since mermaids belong to water elements, they are believed to embody the renaissance that water brings. We all know that water is important to live and to grow, and its water is used in many cultures to indicate rebirth and birth, just like the baptism ceremonial in Christianity. 

Playful Spirits 

Most of the time, mermaids are depicted to have a lovable and youthful air of mischief. Whether they are playing tricks on sailors or splashing around hidden coves, they seem to like and enjoy playing around and amuse themselves with a bit of safe entertainment.

Embodies Sacred Feminine 

Did you know that the word mermaid is a two-compound old English word? The “mere” means sea, and the “maid” refers to a young woman or a girl. That said, the concept and the true mermaid meaning embodies sacred feminine. 

The goddesses likely influenced the mermaid concept in Greek Mythology like they feel empowered. This is mainly because mermaids symbolize femininity, just like the goddess of love, Venus, and the goddess of the sea, Amphitrite. So, it’s no surprise because women feel empowered, as they possess the traits of goddesses. 

Mermaid symbolism

Insight and Awareness 

Mermaids are often seen as unique and wise in the world around them. According to stories, they are known to take control of the weather and foresee what happens in the future. Mermaids are also believed to grant wishes. 

Furthermore, mermaids of the sea are believed to appear to those people who are pure of heart and deserve to see them. Thus, people are more evidence of their extraordinary existence, which gives the mermaid symbolism awareness and discretion. 

Spreading Good Luck 

Mermaids are also believed to bring good luck into everything. This may be debated throughout history, but in some cultures, mermaids are believed to be temptresses. They attempt to trap sailors. However, mermaids are still considered symbols of charms and good luck. 

Some countries believe that mermaids bestow wealth and grant wishes and power to those they meet. If you have noticed, you will likely see mermaid figures on the prows of ships. These wooden carvings are believed to bring good luck to those aboard. Of course, who doesn’t need good luck when they sail the high seas? 


Mermaids are also known to depict holding combs that are made of fish bones. It’s an ancient nautical symbol of power over nature, as sailors believe fish bones can control or divine the storms at sea. Mermaids are also believed to hold mirrors in art, which is believed to symbolize the moon, which is most likely a reflective nature. 


Many believe that water is a feminine component in nature. That’s why mermaids are well-thought-out depictions of women empowerment. Mermaids are not always thought to be particularly maternal. Those who are fascinated by mermaids see them as representing the distinct female part of being a mother. 

Motherhood is indeed a life-changing and amazing moment in our lives. It brings out a feeling to most women about half of their old selves and a new and better person. But, that said, it leads them to a mermaid metaphor. 

Key Takeaway 

Since mermaids come in different symbols throughout history, it’s no longer a surprise that many are fascinated by them. Even though some don’t believe in their existence, we can’t deny the fact that mermaids are popular. 

Hopefully, the mermaid meaning and symbolisms inspired you to become a better person. And If you want to be more inspired, you may check our Mermaid Anklet for mermaid-inspired jewelry for whatever symbol it brings. Of course, you will always enjoy wearing the unique mermaid pieces every day. 

Meaning and symbolism of a mermaid

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