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NOW READING: Discover The Largest Great White Sharks Found In The Ocean

Largest great white sharks

Discover The Largest Great White Sharks Found In The Ocean

Nothing strikes greater fear in the ocean than the great white sharks. Great white sharks are called the apex predators of the sea for some reason. They are called as predatory fish globally, capable of chewing down sea otters, walruses, and seals on a whim. Their bite force is strong enough that it can easily cut down large chunks of meat without any problems.

There are various great white sharks found worldwide, and they reign supreme in all the waters. However, these sharks are certainly not for the faint-hearted, sharks that are large enough to contend for the biggest great white sharks found in the ocean. So, if you want to know some of the world’s largest great white sharks, be amazed and scared at the same time as we will be diving down deeper into the depths of the ocean.

Great White Shark – A Fascinating Wild Beast

There are a lot of interesting things about great white sharks aside from their menacing size. They are surprisingly curious and intelligent animals traversing through various depths of the world. Great white sharks are known to be the King of the ocean and are considered the largest predatory fish in the world. 

However, when it comes to feeding and mating, they constantly travel worldwide to find viable spots to have higher chances of success when producing a pup. Nevertheless, if you want to be the ocean's top predator, you have to have size and ferocity to deal with massive fear throughout the ocean. 

Interesting facts about great white shark

Great white sharks also have one of the strongest bite forces in the animal kingdom, producing 18,000 newtons of pure pressure. In addition, their 300 serrated teeth can easily slice meat far more precisely than that of a butcher’s knife.

Great white sharks are known to hunt prey in quick succession until their preys are immobile. Then, with sudden bursts of speed, they can easily chew down on their prey without their prey knowing. 

Once dead, great white sharks tear through the meat as it scissors to cut through paper. Just looking at their favorite meals consisting of sea lions, otters, and even dolphins makes you think that they are truly the apex predators of the ocean. But, on the flip side, they are also known to attack humans, and there were 300 shark attack deaths recorded throughout history.

It has been studied that these shark attacks on humans are mere out of curiosity. That’s why most people are often led to believe that sharks are one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. Only a few ones can rival what great white sharks bring to the table, such as orcas and other types of sharks.

Interesting facts about great white sharks

Meet Deep Blue – The Biggest Great White Shark

Great white sharks are considered to be the largest predatory fish in the world, right? That’s why there’s no surprise that it gathers a lot of interest in the world of science. To be the largest great white shark means people have come across countless great whites in the world to consider you the largest, meet deep blue.

As fitting as the name is, deep blue is the largest great white shark ever recorded in history. It was back in the early 90s when a deep blue shark was spotted. However – there is no evidence to prove this claim a while back.

It wasn’t until early 2013 that they finally recorded the world's largest living great white shark. Deep blue was found by Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, a researcher who witnessed and recorded deep blue off the coast of Guadalupe. It is also believed that every other year, deep blue goes back to the island of Guadalupe just in time for the mating season.

Interesting things to know about great white shark

In fact, during this eventful day, it is believed that deep blue is already pregnant, evidenced by its large underbelly reminiscent of great pregnant whites. People's interest even grew bigger when deep blue was featured on a popular TV show called Discovery’s Shark Week.

Despite more and more people gathering up for this particular interest, Deep blue went into the depths and was out of the radar for a couple of years before it emerged again and was spotted off the coast of Oahu in Hawaii. She was found feeding on a large carcass of a dead sperm whale and was believed to be already full when a biologist came across and was even willing to allow these divers to get near her.

If you are wondering how these experts know that it was deep blue, it is the fact that all sharks have a unique marking around their bodies that makes them different from one another. At the moment of her spotting, it was estimated that deep blue measured around the north of 20 meters. She was also identified to be who they thought she was because of the laceration of her body, a distinct feature of her that was also spotted during the time she was first spotted.

Largest great white shark in the world

While deep blue is believed to be the largest great white shark ever recorded, the problem is that deep blue wasn’t physically measured. This is because great white sharks are always on the hunt, always in constant motion. That’s why making the exact measurement is quite difficult.

Furthermore, these are just rough estimations when it comes to deep blue’s actual size. It would take something out of the ordinary just to measure this humongous shark. However, thanks to some photographic evidence of deep blue, we can safely say that she might just be the single most badass great white shark to ever be recorded.


The ocean is a vast area wherein surprises are inevitable. There might still be great white sharks that can rival deep blue in terms of sheer size. But for now, we have ourselves deep blue to call it the biggest great white shark ever recorded in history.

Despite being the biggest of them all, some of the largest great white sharks are still susceptible to various human activities that may lead to their eventual death. That’s why our duty as tenants of the earth is to protect and conserve them for the years to come.

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Facts about great white sharks

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