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NOW READING: 15 Jewelry That Gives Back to the Ocean

Best jewelry that gives back to the ocean

15 Jewelry That Gives Back to the Ocean

Are you one of those who loves going to the Ocean and finding so much joy in doing so? There’s no denying it, but being close to the Ocean brings us peace and calmness, and just by purely dreaming of it truly soothes your soul. It’s a very good feeling, especially when, in time, you find yourself in happiness if you know you’re somehow giving it back to the Ocean.

The Ocean has always been an inspiration for writers, painters, and musicians. That’s why it’s natural that the Ocean and its inhabitants would also inspire jewelry designers. From sand patterns, and waves, to unique and wonderful sea creatures, you are sure every jewelry gives back to the Ocean. So, if you are looking for inspiration or perhaps want to have one, the Atolea Jewelry is a great designer for ocean-inspired necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more.  

List of Amazing Jewelry that Gives Back to the Ocean

Here are some of the best Atolea Ocean inspired Jewelry that gives back to the Ocean. 

1. Sterling Silver Whale Tail Ring 

Standing as a symbol of protection and good luck, the Sterling Silver Whale Tail Ring carries the spirit of our Ocean’s gentle giants. It holds very powerful symbolism, and whale tails are a common motif in many cultures and famous fashion ensembles for women. Anyone can indulge themselves in it, making it such a meaningful gift.

Amazing ocean jewelry

2. Sea Shell Anklet 

Another jewelry that gives back to the Ocean is the Sea Shell Anklet. This anklet adds fun and flair to any outfit you are wearing. It looks simple and features natural shells that will always bring the summer vibes to your feet.

Wonderful jewelry that gives back to the ocean

3. Sea Turtle Earrings

Do you have a spot for sea turtles? You can show your love for sea turtles simply by wearing the Sea Turtle Earrings. This is another jewelry that gives back to the Ocean, as it reminds the wearer to take good care of our Ocean’s sea turtles.

Beautiful ocean inspired jewelry

4. Turtle Bracelet

As sea creatures that endured the longest on Earth, sea turtles symbolize endurance, wealth, long life, and wisdom. As they say, make a wish as you wear this bracelet on. It will break out and break the cord. It’s time for the turtle’s spirit to swim back to the universe and make wishes come true.

Classic jewelry that gives back to the ocean

5. Fresh Water Pearl Choker 

Each of the tiny pearls of this Fresh Water Pearl Choker is unique and different, just like the wearer. This is a precious jewelry that is made from high-quality stainless steel. Wearing this will remind you how the Ocean can be so generous with the gift of shells.  

Delicate ocean inspired jewelry

6. Fish Ring 

Wearing a Fish Ring is also showing your love for the Ocean. It features a lucky fish, which comes in a classic and unique design. It’s fashionable and modern, bringing good luck to the wearer.

Fabulous jewelry that gives back to ocean

7. Starfish Earrings 

A starfish is a sea creature that evokes life beneath waves in the celestial heavens. They are indeed one of the hidden gems of the sea, and it reminds you how lucky you are to be able to encounter such a phenomenal sea creature.

Gorgeous jewelry that gives back to ocean

8. Wave Bracelet 

Wearing a Wave Bracelet symbolizes the meaning of life. It reminds us of how to deal with difficult situations. That way, we can fight our own battles and become a blessing to others, just like giving back to the Ocean.

Ideal ocean inspired jewelry

9. “Moorea” Layered Seashell Necklace 

In some cultures, seashells symbolize protection and health. They are also said to represent movement and travel. The Atolea Moorea Layered Seashell Necklace can be a great addition to the jewelry collection. It benefits you, but it’s also a jewelry that gives back to the Ocean.

Cute jewelry that gives back to ocean

10. Blue Whale Tail Earrings 

You can often find a whale tail in Maori culture, and it’s a symbol of strength. You can always add these cute earrings to your ocean-inspired jewelry collection, and it’s also one way of giving back to the Ocean.

Lovely ocean inspired jewelry

11. Dainty Turtle Anklet

The Dainty Turtle Anklet can always spark a conversation about what matters most to you, whether it’s single-use plastics that pollute the Ocean or how the activities of human beings are threatening sea turtles and other marine creatures. This bracelet represents your advocacy, and wearing it shows what you believe in and stand for.

Simple jewelry that gives back to ocean

12. Shark Jaw Ring 

Dangerous yet sweet, the Shark Jaw Ring can also be a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. Sharks are apex predators, and they move through the depths of the Ocean with authority and fierceness. Thus, wearing it would always remind you to respect this creature and show your fearless side.

Fresh ocean inspired jewelry

13. Sun Hoop Earrings 

The sun hoop earrings are an ultimate holiday statement pair. It can be a simple style for everyday wear, but it would be better to show it off when you are in the Ocean. And since the sun represents a source of life on Earth, it also shows clarity and strength to remind us that oceans will never be complete without the sun.

Pretty jewelry that gives back to the ocean

14. Mermaid Tail Ring 

This gorgeous Mermaid Tail Ring features a blue-crystal design that flashes shades of blue when you look at it from different angles. It resembles the sun’s reflection on the water, and whoever wears it can carry an important piece of the Ocean anywhere they go.


Awesome ocean inspired jewelry

15. World Bracelet

Lastly, the Atolea World Bracelet will always remind you to step out of your comfort zone, as the world is yours to explore. This bracelet has a unique meaning representing Earth, moon, sun, and stars. If you live up to these meanings, it’s another way of giving back to the Ocean.

Adorable jewelry that gives back to ocean

Key Takeaway

One good thing about collecting ocean-inspired jewelry is not just for your own’s sake. It also helps other individuals who volunteer for the betterment of the Ocean. They are making a difference to the Ocean to continue with their missions. What’s inspiring is that the jewelry is made from sustainable materials like recycled silver, gold, and stainless steel.

Hopefully, you liked the idea of having Ocean-inspired jewelry. And if you want to take this fascination to a whole new level, you can check the Atolea Jewelry to see different inspiring collections. Just continue your love with the Ocean, and it will go back to you a thousand folds!

Elegant jewelry that gives back to the ocean

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