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NOW READING: 10 Interesting Fishes That Only Lives in the Ocean

Fishes in the ocean

10 Interesting Fishes That Only Lives in the Ocean

This world’s ocean is home to some of the most fascinating creatures of the world. And yet, here we are, knowing just a few of them, such as the whales, dolphins, seals, and many more. If you wondered, fishes in the ocean are not the only ones living in our world’s ocean waters. There are still thousands of species roaming through the ocean.

But among some of the most popular species found in earth’s waters, did you know that there are some fishes in the ocean? If you want to find out what those are, here’s the list of the 10 interesting fishes that only live in the ocean. See it yourself! 

Top 10 Interesting Fishes That Only Lives In The Ocean 

Perhaps you are interested in fish. Read down below to know more about fishes in the ocean or different types of fishes in the ocean. 

Common clownfish 

They are easily one of the most recognizable marine creatures, thanks largely to a specific Disney movie called ‘Finding Nemo.’ Almost all clownfish live within the tentacles of a sea anemone, and they only leave whenever they hunt for food. 

One of the reasons they don’t get envenomed is that their body is covered with mucus that protects the fish from the venom. This relationship with anemones helps them from being preyed upon, and in return, sea anemones get their prey in return for those predators who want to have clownfish for food.

Types of fishes in the ocean

John dory 

This type of fish has an interesting look to it, and it lives around the warm tropical and temperate waters of the earth. Although there is plenty of speculation on where it got its name, the one notable reason it got its name is its French nickname, ‘Jaune Dore’ or golden yellow. 

John Dory is roaming the seafloor for its entire life, and it preys upon a variety of invertebrates and various types of schooling fishes. It has a discus-shaped body, golden yellow color, and is solitary for most of their lives. 

Unique types of fishes in the ocean
Fishes types


Named for its sail-like dorsal fin, the sailfish is widely considered one of the fastest marine creatures here on earth. A sailfish is a type of billfish, where it has relatives such as the swordfish and blue marlin, wherein they have their distinct pointed bills combined with extraordinarily long dorsal fins that can reach twice as long as their bodies. 

When they are young, they eat zooplankton and eat bony fishes once adulthood comes. And because sailfishes are relatively big, the only creatures that prey on them are marine creatures that are larger than them. 

Fishes types in the ocean

Yellowfin tuna 

Known for being a staple food in every restaurant, the Yellowfin tuna got its name from its, yow know, its yellowfin, just like with sailfish, they are also one of the fastest marine creatures traversing through earth’s waters. 

They grow up to 7 feet and 400 pounds and mainly prey on marine species that they can swallow. Like other bony ocean creatures, they start as one tiny larva, and after one or two years, they can reach lengths of up to 4 feet and extend to 7 feet once fully matured. 

Awesome types of fishes in the ocean

Pacific sardine 

They are a wide-ranging species that are mainly found in Indian and Pacific waters. Wherever they may be, they are considered one of the most important types of fishery in the waters as they can be a good source of food for top predators. 

As their name goes, there are plenty and large concentrations of this species in the pacific region and are mainly exploited by commercial fishing.

Interesting fish types
Types of interesting fishes in the ocean

Queen parrotfish 

They are herbivores of the sea and mainly prey on plants and algae within the reef they are living. They live around the Caribbean Sea and its adjacent waters. They are named parrotfish because of how powerful their beak is, formed due to the fusing of the teeth and into the biting plates. 

Some of the world’s parrotfishes are brightly colored and got their name due to their distinct markings around their head and eye that easily resembles a crown. 

Fishes found in the ocean

Pacific herring 

This type of small marine species only averages around 20 to 25 cm in size. However, they are considered keystone species, which means they play an important role and act as a base for another specific and marine food web. 

A pacific herring is easily noticeable. Their bluish-green upper back combined with silver sides makes them one of the brightest marine creatures. But their bright colors and being small in size are also what makes them easy to prey on. 

Ocean fishes types

Pink salmon 

One of the most iconic fishes in the pacific, the Pink Salmon is also one of the essential types of fishery in various ocean waters. Pink salmon can reach lengths of up to 30 inches and weigh around 15 pounds. They are a much smaller version of salmon that are found in the pacific. The pink salmon got its name from its pink-colored flesh. 

Unique ocean fishes


Just like with yellowfin tunas and sailfishes, a swordfish is also considered to be of the same class as them in being one of the fastest swimmers of the earth’s waters. A swordfish is also considered to be one of the largest species of bony fish. It got its name from its sword-like bill, which it uses to stun its prey or slash its head.

Fishes found in the ocean

Tropical two-wing flying fish 

It got its name because it is highly abundant in tropical waters and has enlarged pectoral fins resembling a wing. It can glide through the outside waters to prevent itself from being preyed upon. Although they are called flying fishes, gliding fishes are better than gliding through the waters instead of flying.

Fishes in the ocean unique types

Wrapping Things Up

There are still a lot of interesting fish that only live in the ocean. We’ve already covered 10 interesting fishes, and there are plenty out there waiting to be called upon. Our ocean waters are home to thousands of species, and marine life is a plentiful one. There are still thousands of them that are truly marvels of the earth’s waters.

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Fish types

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