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NOW READING: Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Dumbo Octopus

Interesting facts about dumbo octopus

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Dumbo Octopus

Octopuses are easily one of the most distinguishable marine creatures on the planet. These eight-armed marine species are unique in their way than you would normally think, and there are around 300 species of octopus swimming across the globe. Distinguishing them is quite an ordeal, to say the least, let alone identifying one.

However, there is this one type of octopus that is relatively rare to people as they are somewhat found in some of the deepest parts of the world. The Dumbo octopus is one of the rarest species of octopus in the world, and if you want to know them, here are some interesting facts you need to know about the dumbo octopus.

What Is A Dumbo Octopus?

Dumbo octopus is considered to be the deepest water-living octopus in the world, with depths ranging from 11,000 – 13,000 feet deep. They are surely one of the most bizarre types of octopus in the world. If a certain species lives around these depths, it requires them to have the ability to thrive off some of the coldest temperatures in the world as well as life without any sunlight exposure.

When you talk about the dumbo octopus, they can be as rare as they can be because of these depths and elusiveness to humans. However, being a deep-water creature means you have some weird adaptations because you thrive in these environments. These adaptations or special behaviors consist of the ability to reproduce any time of the year as long as they find a mate. 

Female dumbo octopuses always carry eggs during different parts of the development period.

Whenever a female dumbo octopus finds a certain environment viable for hatching eggs, then it will just transfer its eggs onto the spermatophores and thus increase the likelihood and having a great success rate of spawning eggs into the water. 

Although these creatures spend almost 90% of the time suspended in the water, whenever they feel it is the right time to lay their eggs, they will eventually swim at the bottom of the seafloor and are usually attached to rocks or any hard surface.

One of their distinct features at the bottom of the ocean is flapping their ear-like fins to aid them in propelling themselves in the water. Researchers also believe that they are considered foraging predators and mainly feed on dead bodies that fall into the ocean floor. Some researchers have also seen these octopuses preying on pelagic invertebrate creatures coasting off above the ocean floor.

And because there are only a handful of big sea creatures that go deep into their habitat, their primary predators consist of marine mammals and deep-diving sea creatures such as tuna, sharks, and even dolphins. Because dumbo octopus live in deep waters, they are rarely caught in fishing nets. That’s why they are still not considered threatened, as they aren’t affected by man-made activities in these depths.

Dumbo octopuses belong to the genus Grimpoteuthis or a species of pelagic umbrella octopuses. The name “Dumbo” came from the Disney character of its namesake as they have this uncanny resemblance. This resemblance is the ear-like fins that it uses for propulsion situated around the mantle between the eyes.

Around 15 known species of the genus, Grimpoteuthis mainly feed on bivalves, worms, copepods, and crustaceans. Their average lifespan is a long one compared to octopuses living on coral reefs and coastal areas as it can reach up to 5 years barring any setbacks or various factors.

Facts about dumbo octopus

Interesting Facts About The Dumbo Octopus

Quite small

Almost all species of Grimpoteuthis grow relatively small. They can grow as much as 8 inches in length on average. The largest ever recorded dumbo octopus is measured around a whopping six feet in length and weighs around 13 pounds.

The length of their suckers can distinguish a female and male octopus.

A male dumbo octopus usually has a longer length, and its two arms are used primarily for mating.

Dumbo octopus facts

They don’t have mating seasons

However, as we mentioned a while ago, the female octopus can carry out the spermatophores inside their mantle and just fertilize the eggs whenever the environment is viable.

Bigger than the rest

If you compare a male’s eight arms, a singular arm is quite large from the rest. This arm is used for mating, which extends and drops its sperms in the octopus's mantle where the female would willingly accept it.

Things about dumbo octopus

They can be as colorful as they can be

Dumbo octopuses are known to be some of the most colorful octopuses in the world. They can be red, blue, and even violet.

Dumbo octopus lives in incredible depths

It is believed that this octopus lives in the abyssal zone of the ocean. The abyssal zone of the ocean has estimated depths of 9,800 feet up to 19,700 feet. So, they live in perpetual darkness.

Few predators to be scared about

The dumbo octopus lives in incredible depths, which means they get to share these depths with only a few ones. That means that these octopuses have fewer predators than most species. Their only threats are deep-water sharks and orcas.

Off we go

Almost all octopuses on our planet swim via jet propulsion. Not jet in the form of machinery, but a way by swallowing large amounts of water and expelling them outright in the water and bursting onto the water. This is partly useful for octopuses that encounter any predators. Once they suck up much water, off, we go!


The dumbo octopus is unique in its way, right? Although they can be as rare as they can be, they are still one of the fascinating creatures in the world. Sadly, because of their elusiveness, there is not much that we know about these bizarre creatures. Still, we’ve gathered up some interesting facts about them that you will surely be shocked and dumbfounded, right? 

Hopefully, you will take care of these creatures, just the way you take care of other sea creatures. And when we say taking care of them, it’s also about taking care of the ocean. That’s the least thing you can do to keep a dumbo octopus alive and swim freely. 

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Dumbo octopus

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