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NOW READING: Dolphin Necklace: Meaning and Symbolism

Dolphin necklace symbolism and meaning

Dolphin Necklace: Meaning and Symbolism

Dolphins are easily one of the most popular and recognizable marine creatures on the planet. It is also believed that they are also the most intelligent among sea creatures and friendliest aside from dogs, and that’s why dolphin necklaces have become a hot commodity in various gift and souvenir shops.

If you are wondering, are there any reasons why dolphin necklaces are popular? There are a lot of things a dolphin represents. That’s why they are a popular choice among jewelry makers as well as souvenir shops.

Some buy dolphin necklaces because they have an affinity for dolphins, while others seek good fortune and lucky charms. If you want to learn more about dolphin necklace meaning and symbolism, you are in for a treat, as we will discuss below.

Dolphin Symbolism And Its Meaning

There’s a lot of dolphin necklace meaning, and we will list down different meanings about dolphins and totems, spirit animals, and more. Dolphins are known to be peaceful creatures on the planet. That is the reason why their spiritual meaning is associated with their humble personality, their ability to sacrifice for others, and never engaging in various conflicts in the marine world.

Although they may look like fish, dolphins are mammals, just like humans. That’s why people think that dolphins and humans connect with nature. When being a sea creature and a mammal at the same time, it is most likely associated with both powerful elements of land and water. It's about living in both realms and has its perks. That’s why in other beliefs, dolphins are said to represent both intellectual and spiritual traits.

Dolphin necklace meaning and symbolism

There are a lot of stories, too, depicting how valiant and courageous these marine mammals are. In fact – there are a lot of stories told for centuries that dolphins helped humans in so many ways. From shipwrecks to swimming, dolphins are known to be helpful creatures. That is also the reason why dolphins also symbolize protection.

On the other hand, the Greek often sees this marine creature as a guide to various sea travelers around the world. And sometimes, they view this animal as a guide for everyone who has left this realm and remains a guide before they are taken to the spiritual world. From various perspectives, dolphins symbolize rebirth, reincarnation, and renewal.

Those who invoke the dolphin’s energy are said to have themselves encountered a life-changing opportunity and are soon blessed with the strength and courage to get past hardships and shortcomings. Dolphins also have various qualities that are considered to be unrivaled when it comes to this part, such as willpower, teamwork, willfulness, mental power, virtue, and wholeness, to name a few.

Dolphin Symbolism: Native America

In Native America, dolphins are often considered the savior of the sea as tales and lore say that these creatures drag drowned people from shipwrecks onto the shores. In fact, in some movies, dolphins are saviors whenever sharks – the predator of the sea – are about to attack an unsuspecting human.

This legend was known in the Chumash culture, wherein the story concludes that Earth Mother Hutash created a rainbow gateway. It is for people to pass over the ocean, and got dizzy, some of them, some of them looked down and stumbled, and got dizzy, some of them fell onto the sea. That’s why the Earth Mother felt guilty and down. 

Interesting meaning of dolphin necklace

Thus, the people who drowned, she transformed them into dolphins so that whenever people pass by and fall into the sea, the dolphins are already there to save them.

Some people think that dolphins were once humans – a testament to being mammals – transformed to safeguard the sea and act as guardians. That’s why in the various regions in native America, it is not allowed to eat these creatures, while for some, dolphins provide them food.

Dolphin Symbolism: Chinese Tradition/Eastern

In Chinese tradition, it is said that a dolphin symbolizes that you are well taken care of. It is like a message depicting that you are safe and sound and that no possible dangers might come. And with any other traditions. 

Chinese people believe that dolphins are a symbol of protection for traveling ships across the sea. They are the guardians of the people. As a result, some Chinese ships have dolphins engravings or illustrations on their ships as a sign of admiration and honor.

Meaning of dolphin necklace

Dolphin Symbolism: Christianity

The Christian symbolism of the dolphin is almost the same as the sheep. However, they are only more relevant for people who live in the sea or near the seas. In Christianity, it is said that Jesus placed illustrations of dolphins onto the graves as a sign of Christ leading them into the afterlife. The dolphin illustration is also depicted on a trident or as a cross or an emblem commemorating Christ’s crucifixion.

Dolphin Symbolism: African

Similar to how the Christians symbolize dolphins, the Africans also see dolphins as the spiritual messengers of the departed onto the “Islands of the Blessed.” Just like with how they are depicted in Christianity, they are the ones who guide the dead’s soul onto the afterlife.

In various Egyptian vessels, there are also illustrations and engravings of dolphins in which it symbolizes freedom as well as letting life flow through you like the ocean waters.

Interesting meaning of dolphin necklace

Wrapping Things Up

There are a lot of things that dolphins represent, from being the savior of the drowned people to the spiritual messengers guiding a departed soul into the afterlife. Dolphins are some of the most extremely intelligent creatures, and having them as charms and dolphin necklace meanings will always bring out some good and positive energy through and through.

Furthermore, the dolphin necklace has been one of the most popular gifts and personal items people buy. As we’ve mentioned, they attract positive spirits and represent whole kinds of different things that one doesn’t know. Hopefully, we’ve layered out everything for you about the dolphin necklace meaning to various traditions and cultures as well as its symbolism.

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Dolphin-inspired necklace meaning

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