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NOW READING: Meet the Biggest Animals in the Ocean

Biggest ocean animals

Meet the Biggest Animals in the Ocean

The ocean is pretty fascinating. It has a deep and expansive space that covers many adorable and mysterious creatures around its area. While small and cute species live in the waters, these gigantic animals also wander around the sea.

Of course, you might see these creatures as predators or something you should be scared of, but that will only happen if you close your doors to understanding their kinds. So, good thing that you are here in this post! We're uncovering the biggest ocean animals and you will find out how gigantic they are.

It's time to meet the biggest animals in the ocean. So, fasten your seatbelts as we rush into the deepest parts of the sea.

The Biggest and Most Fascinating Ocean Animals 

Blue Whale

Of course, who wouldn't miss this biggest mammal of the sea? With its title being the largest animal globally, they hold out the top spot in this article. Blue whales’ length up to 33 meters and weigh up to 441,000 pounds. But did you know that their hearts are as huge as a car? What's more interesting about it is that you can detect its heartbeat two miles away. 

Another thing, when blue whales are born, they rank in the first spot for being the largest full-grown animal in the world. Still, this species is endangered as they faced numerous threats, including climate change and ship strikes.

Biggest ocean animals

Whale Shark

Another member of the Whale family is the Whale Shark, the largest fish in the sea. These creatures move around the waters, hunting for their food and living as the other fishes do. Whale sharks sometimes play with people who dive and would love to swim with them.

With its vast length, about 60 feet, you cannot eventually hide from this creature if you happen to bump into a whale shark. Well, if the shark's size doesn't captivate you at all, their unique dark and light marking should. Whale sharks are fishes also listed as an endangered species, as some parts of the world are still hunting them.

Largest ocean animals

The Sperm Whale 

Who said that it is over for whales yet? The next largest animal in the ocean is the Sperm Whale. With over 80 feet, they are known to be the biggest toothed whales and the biggest toothed predator among all creatures.

Initially, their length is compared with an eight-story building, and its clicking can be loud as 230 decibels beneath the water. That's equivalent to 170 decibels on the land! You can compare its sound to how a person can strike a rifle shot within a few distances away from your ear.

Additionally, Whale Sperm has the largest brain of any animal on the planet, weighing around 20 pounds. Thus, these kinds of species were hunted during the 18th-20th centuries by the whalers. 

People sought after the spermaceti, which is utilized for cosmetics, lamp oil, candles, soap, and other commercial products. However, in this time of the year, only a few of them left compared to before which there were millions of them. 

Most popular ocean animals

Giant squid

Off with the whales, taking the spot for being the largest animals in the ocean is the squid. There have been few encounters with this kind of creature and scientists, where the latter observe its natural habitat. For the record, the first giant squid was captured in the deep sea at home last 2012.

These sea creatures have been feeding their prey at a distance of 30 feet with their feeding tentacles. Giant squids are also known to be a sea monster in tales where it has been connected to the Kraken, the famous sea monster. 

Gigantic ocean animals


Aside from sending signals when an earthquake is about to happen, oarfish are also large. They are often referred to as the dragon or sea serpent who lives down at the depths of 3,300 feet. Oarfish can be seen in the ocean's most profound dark water columns, and you can barely see them on the surface. 

Oarfish or ribbon fish are very long, ranging to 26 feet, and they do not have scales. These species also have large eyes, which enables them to see deep in their darkest habitat. Nonetheless, no one would ever want to see an Oarfish around the shore, as it can only mean something that you don't want to happen in nature. 

Known giant ocean animals

The Pacific Octopus

If squids are on the list, then Octopus won't also let this thing pass. The giant Pacific Octopus runs through a spot in the biggest ocean animals. They are mainly sized and can spread more than 32 feet. People can typically perceive them to have a reddish-brown color. Still, they can camouflage when threatened or about to attack their prey. 

Pacific octopuses have intellectual skills as they can play with toys, solve mazes and even open a single jar. Believe it or not, most aquariums have dedicated activities for Octopuses to help them sharpen their brains. Thus, Giant Pacific Octopus can be found within the Pacific from Alaska to Baja California in the wild. They can also be found in the northeast part of Japan. 

Biggest ocean animals that exist

Ocean Sunfish

Last but not least is the species also known as "mola." For those who don't have any idea, yes! This kind of fish exists! In truth, they are the heaviest of all the bony fish in the ocean. They are also sometimes called the "swimming head" because they have no tail at all! 

Sunfish measures about 10.82 feet and weighs up to 5070 pounds. Well, in case you wonder how it swims without a fish, it helps itself through its fins. With these fins, they can swim on their side and wander through the ocean as much as they want!

What's more, ocean sunfish have a diet that is primarily zooplankton and jellyfish. As a result, one of their biggest enemies and predators includes sea lions and sharks.

Large ocean animals you must see


That's all that we have for you today! Take note that these are not only the biggest ocean animals that you might encounter sooner or later! With the ocean being as wide as the world, there is still much to discover. Who knows? There might be a species bigger than all of this, hiding in the deepest corners of the water.

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Biggest ocean animals

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